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"I had the pleasure of working with Portia after having several surgeries. I had past experiences with several types of yoga but was apprehensive to resume training. My confidence along with my upper body strength was weak! Portia was the perfect trainer. I found her sensitive, caring, kind and when needed, firm and persistent. Of course, no need to mention she is a well trained professional.


She greeted me on the first day by asking what my goals were and established a workable plan of action.  This plan included the type of music I enjoyed working with to how much time had available to practice on my own. No question was unimportant or irrelevant.  


Her firmness and persistent nature was seen when I wanted to stop and not challenge myself!  She is awesome and I am happy that I had the opportunity to work with her."


-- Eunice C., NY, NY

"When I met Portia I was looking to regain some strength and adapt for what seemed  to be a Pilates injury that showed up in my shoulder. She couldn’t be more accommodating! She has steadily increased my work out in tune with my goals. She always demonstrates (which is inspiring!)  and explains clearly, as well as offering verbal adjustments during challenging moves. Basically, she keeps me honest and delivers the challenges with a little smile that tells me I’m about to do more, but she’s confident I can! I’m stronger all over and looking forward to even more sculpted results. PS - I’m in my 50’s!"

-- Sarah C., NY, NY

"I had been looking for a female trainer for quite some time and she was highly recommended by a colleague, so we gave it a try. We immediately clicked – I loved Portia’s energy from our very first meeting: she is calm, gentle, caring and attentive, and always uplifting yet firm and persistent in her approach to clients, very organized and methodical. Portia motivates you throughout the sessions and makes it interesting and fun, always with her big happy smile on! She makes the training diverse combining her expert knowledge of dance, barre, pilates, yoga, cardio, weights. As we intensify our training, my energy level has gone up significantly and overall I feel a lot stronger and healthier. I see definition in muscles, my posture has improved tremendously for someone who slouches over a computer all day long, and my self-confidence and happiness levels are shooting up – all thanks to Portia’s consistent training and her incredibly positive influence.  She is not only shredding and carving out my body, but she is inspiring a better and happier version of me."

--Rositsa T. NY, NY

"Portia is an absolute GEM! I love how she challenges me to push myself in such a fun way! After just a few months together, so much of my life has changed to the better. 


With intense joint pains and my hyper flexibility, I never thought I’d be able to do half the stuff I do now (and so quickly) - thanks to her! She is so mindful/careful with injuries and quickly modifies anything that is painful. She did a proper assessment and makes sure trainings are tailored to my body (something many trainers I’ve worked with don’t waste their time with). I am now stronger than I’ve ever been. 


The best part of working with her is the impact on my self-esteem. I started feeling better about myself and more positive about life in general. High levels of depression and anxiety became more manageable; and my energy levels have gone up. (Especially during the madness of COVID-19, our virtual workouts have been the highlight of my week and energize me) 


Having a female POC trainer has been so great and empowering to me. She trains with so much love, dedication and compassion; and she never made me feel judged or incapable. I could not have gotten any luckier with a trainer!"

-- D. Jo NY, NY

Feedback for Personalized Online Training

"I only have positive feedback. I love the app [True Coach] we use, makes it very easy to keep track of the workout. I love the variety of exercises, and they feel very balanced from week to week. I love how they've been getting just a little harder each week (the right amount) and it makes me feel like I'm making a lot of progress!"

-- Michael W., Chicago, IL

"I have really enjoyed these workouts. The sets and reps seem perfect; never too easy and challenging enough.  I've felt sore plenty of times.  Portia takes my concerns seriously and I feel stronger already.  And the app is great. I love the demo section with the video examples!"

-- Levette E., New York, NY

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